Relax with a Cup of Chamomile Tea


The Chamomile herb is a lightly scented aromatic plant with yellow buds. It has a mild taste and is free of caffeine. We've been using it for herbal treatments and as a tea for a very long time, dating back to the ancient Egyptian era where it was a prized herb.
Chamomile is popularly known for its calming effects. It isn't harsh on the system and gives someone a slight advantage to being lulled to sleep right before bed time or soothing frazzled nerves before a big event.

I prefer to drink my herbal teas mostly straight, that is with out sugar. But for those who need it, try steeping a cup and add a teaspoon of honey and a little lemon. I also love to add mint leaves, which will also calm the digestive system.
You can use the tea for other purposes such as a natural skin treatment. Take the cooled cup of tea and place it in a bottle (glass, if you have one). I have kept this in small portions, refrigerated. Use it as a mild toner/astringent. It will gently brighten, tone the skin and help the appearance of enlarged pores.

As with any herb or supplement, the affect it has on someone is unique to each person. Always take into consideration what other foods, drinks and medications you are taking, all chemicals interact with each other.

 Wishing you peace and abundant blessings...and remember to take good care of your self so you can give the best to those around you!