Detox in the Summer Heat


Summer Detoxing Tips        

One of the best ways to rid the body of impurities is through the skin. Our skin absorbs a lot  (mositurizers, perfumes, cleansers). It is also one of the best ways to release the toxins, by sweating continuously for about 20 minutes. This is a quick list on what you can do to get on your way to a summer detox: 

Take advantage of the sun, walk up a good sweat by going for a 15-20 minute walk. You will get in a dose of vitamin D, get a quick break from sitting at your desk and also get a few minutes of the healing sun rays.

Have a hot sea salt bath, it's great for stress relief, soothes sore muscles and helps purge the pores of the skin.

Try a sauna, there are several types to experiment with that are found at fitness clubs, day spas, resorts and hotels. There are 2 main types such as the dry saunas which include infrared (found in various spas) and saunas whose heat source is based from burning wood (sweat lodges). The second type is the steam sauna, which is the most well known. Each type provides a good cleansing of the skins pores and also promotes a deep sense of relaxation.
The main idea is to start thinking about detoxing on a regular basis by using natural resources. It helps you feel better physically and also aids in soothing the mind.


P.S. Don't forget to drink a couple of big glasses of water after your summer detox session!  


Sending blessings for lots of ease and grace!



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Feel the Sun


As we move along into the depths of summer, we notice that the days are getting shorter. I'm being more mindful of this and taking a little bit more advantage of the sun's rays before we roll into the fall season....only about a month away.

Make a note to go outside if only for a few minutes on your breaks at work and feel the sun on your face.

You may wonder why the sun is so good for us:

It nourishes our body with vitamin D. The sun is the best source of it.

The sun's rays are a wonderful mood enhancer. Sunshine brings on smiles and happy faces.

It is a connection to nature and connecting to nature is part of our origin.

Experience the beauty of the outdoors for it is our true playground. Feel the essence of a cool breeze, explore a sunrise and see the early morning dew, then find peace from the day in a golden sunset.