Four Ways to a Wonderful Morning Routine


Early morning over the clouds near Chicago

Four Ways to a Wonderful Morning Routine

The beginning of the day can lay the foundation for how you deal and function through out the rest of your day. It's easy to rush around in the early morning going to school, work or running those errands. The body will love you for giving it more time to ease into the day. It doesn't take huge amounts of time to incorporate a healthy, stress prevention regimen before heading out the door.

The practice of Gratitude welcomes in the day and nourishes the soul. Give thanks for even the smallest things in life. It could be the sun shining through the window or just being able to arise and see a brand new day. This will open your heart and prepare you for accepting situations and dilemmas through the day.

The gift of Breath enlivens the body with energy, increases circulation and stimulates the mind. Taking full deep breaths first thing in morning will awaken the body. Fill your lungs with air and exhale fully. A good 3-5 breaths will aid in detoxifying the lungs and also clear out morning brain fog.

Drinking Water is an excellent reviver from your night's slumber. Start with one glass and gradually aim for 3 glasses to help flush the system. Replenish the body with pure water to ignite the cells in your body. After several hours of sleep, it is beneficial for the bowels to move. Drinking a good amount of water aids in elimination.

Movement is also a way to start the day on a good foot. Just a few minutes or even just one minute can stimulate the circulation and loosen stiff points in the body from the previous night's sleep. Simple moves such as side stretches, touching your toes or maybe a light jog in place can awaken your larger muscles.

Taking time for self-care can go a long ways, and the effects are so good for you. Even five minutes in the morning can make a huge difference. After you get use to the results, it will evolve from there. Always be good to yourself, because our bodies are worth it.

Peace and Grace.


Feel Good in a World of Chaos

It's hard sometimes to feel peace inside when all the world is going insane these days. Our connection to God has a great deal to do with our spiritual health. It will feed our mind, hearts and soul. The connection to the Divine will help guide us to a peace deep within.

We can find a quiet space and a few moments to be grateful and give thanks for the present moment. Peace within ourselves will give us a light to brighten the darkness of a chaotic world.

Spending time each day to feel how we are all connected spiritually and energetically, will give yourself a clearer vision and path. Peace with in ourselves gives us the strength to overcome the stress of daily life.

As we all know, stress can be a trigger for much disease in the body and also the mind. It helps to know that we are not floating along just by chance. But we have a path or a journey that each individual is traveling along. The clearer our vision is, the clearer our path........the less stress we have, the more peace we have. This leads us to the gift of God's love. It may look complicated, but it is all but so simple.

Capture your peace, and the next day will all be quite clearer.